Copywriting Designer.
Designing Copy­wri­ter.

Still boo­king, coor­di­na­ting and pay­ing for text and lay­out sepa­ra­te­ly? I invi­te you to bene­fit from the uni­que match of copy wri­ting and gra­phic design.
Get 200% crea­ti­on for any media to be noti­ced, ope­ned, flip­ped, scrol­led, read, per­cei­ved, heard, remem­be­red, cli­cked, lik­ed and bought.
Enjoy a clear mind, atten­ti­on to every detail and easy pro­ces­sing. True advan­ta­ges for your com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on when­ever it needs to be extra cus­to­mi­zed, effi­ci­ent and fast.

Copywriting and graphic design – either or both.

Your suc­cess sto­ry may start with a head­line in a fly­er or with a visu­al on a web­site – unless it has a hap­py ending for you and your cus­to­mers. I pro­vi­de you with all the crea­ti­ve details you’ll need to get there.

Copywriting and graphic design

for companies

Mar­ke­ting or sales pros can get a boost for their pro­ject the soo­ner they make Küper + Küper join the team.

It’s not about bran­ding, pack­a­ging and cam­paig­ning alo­ne. Bey­ond I pro­vi­de you with crea­ti­ve solu­ti­ons for what makes you and your pro­duct look gre­at in the eyes of owners and chiefs, inves­tors and retailers.

B2C, B2B, CRM, SEA, SMM, FFF, OOH, POS … there’s a vast demand for the right words and images. Lucky you having a crea­ti­ve by your side, who­se source of ide­as won’t run dry too soon.

Copywriting and graphic design

for ad agencies

No ide­as, no time, no staff? Küper + Küper sup­ports you and your agen­cy to stron­gly deli­ver regard­less of all bot­t­len­ecks.

Feel free to book me as a pro­vi­der of ide­as for your upco­ming pit­ches and pre­sen­ta­ti­ons, as a copy­wri­ting lay­ou­ter as well as a lay­outing copy­wri­ter or as a free­lan­ce crea­ti­ve direc­tor of your team.

Copywriting and graphic design

for founders

Dre­a­ming the big dream of your own brand?
Don’t hesi­ta­te to get Küper + Küper on board – a tru­ly expe­ri­en­ced mover and doer.

Get a lot more from me than just crea­ti­ve con­tent. Thanks to my sup­port your mar­ke­ting will be safe and straight right from the start.

By the way this appli­es for small bud­gets as it does for your big­gest dreams. No mat­ter, whe­ther It’s about cor­po­ra­te, adver­ti­sing, web or whatever.

Sin­ce I stron­gly belie­ve in my cli­ents’ suc­cess, I’m always open to new, liqui­di­ty-fri­end­ly pay­ment plans.

Silun­di­ka Fami­ly Foun­da­ti­on – City Light
(pro bono)

Silun­di­ka Fami­ly Foun­da­ti­on – Ins­ta Ad 
(pro bono)

Stadt­spar­kas­se Düs­sel­dorf – OOH Media
(a very mobi­le bank)

Mie­le – Pack­a­ging design
(gre­at ide­as for a gre­at brand)

Dirt Devil – Cata­log / Com­ple­te pro­gram
(in 3 years from zero to hero)

smo­ney – Tik­Tok Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on 
(No.1 bank on tiktok)

medi­s­a­na – IFA fair appearance
(say hel­lo to the 1st home care robot)

RSGV – Inhouse Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on
(very quick – but not at all dirty)

Don Car­ne – SoMe Cam­paign 
(crea­ted on thurs­day, live on friday)

Fur­ther refe­ren­ces: 
A u t o m o t i v e: Chrys­ler, Jeep, Lexus, MG, Mobil Oil, Next­zett, Peu­geot, Rover, Toyo­ta, Tün­kers, Volks­wa­gen. B e a u t y / F a s h i o n: Bio­dro­ga, Bogner Duft, Char­lot­te Meent­zen, Chiem­see, Gold­well, Roland Schu­he, Wey­er­gans. E d u c a t i o n / S o c i a l: Brot für die Welt, Bücher­gil­de Guten­berg, Fair­trade, Film­fest NRW, Kul­tur­fo­rum Düs­sel­dorf, SPD Düs­sel­dorf, Uni­ver­si­tät Stutt­gart, VHS Düs­sel­dorf. D I Y: AEG / Atlas Cop­co, Cera­vid, Dyrup PPG, ICI, MC Bau­che­mie, Ultra­ment, Ultra­na­tu­re. I n s u r a n c e s: ARAG. F i n a n c i a l: BKK / Citi­bank, Com­merz­bank Düs­sel­dorf, Deut­sche Bank, DSGV, PKV, PSD Bank Köln, RSGV, Stadt­spar­kas­se Düs­sel­dorf. F o o d / B e v e r a g e: Afri Cola, Ballan­ti­nes, Brandt, Broh­ler, Don Car­ne, Gaf­fel Kölsch, Krom­ba­cher, Mül­ler Milch, Mona Natur­pro­duk­te (Natu­mi), Sopexa, Stein­sie­ker, Stock­heim, Ver­po­or­ten. H e a l t h  C a r e: CBC Medi­cal, Imex Den­tal, i‑mo­ti­on-ems, medi­s­a­na, Phil­ips, Reckitt Ben­cki­ser. H o m e  A p p l i a n c e s: Bian­co Puro, Blo­me, Dirt Devil, Domo­star, Illu­mion, Krups, LG Elec­tro­nics, Mie­le, Vax, Viess­mann, Wes­sel­wer­ke. I T (H W / S W): Beli­nea, Com­paq, Max­data, NEC Elec­tro­nics, Rene­sas Elec­tro­nics, SAP, Soft­ware AG, Tan­dem, Deut­sche Tele­kom. T r a v e l / L o g i s t i c s: Ame­ri­can Air­lines, Euro­tun­nel, Flug­ha­fen CGN, RKI, Schen­ker. 
V a r i o u s: Axcom Bat­tery Tech­no­lo­gy, EMKA Beschlag­tei­le, Grei­ser Gar­ten- und Land­schafts­bau, Rosen­thal, Roy­al Canin, Schmolz + Bicken­bach, Sei­ko, Sto­ra Enso, Stüb­ben, Tec­sis, Var­ta, West­deut­sche Zei­tung u.v.m.